Lifestyle Changes

Happy New Year!  With the new year upon us, this is the time that people tend to make New Year’s Resolutions.  The vast majority of people commit to health resolutions – they desire to lose X amount of weight or to start exercising.  While this is a great idea, most people do not follow through on these resolutions.  Yes, they start off strong; however, after several weeks, they have given up on them.  The reason for this is because they are looking at their desired change and expecting it to happen overnight.  They are approaching it as a destination as opposed to a journey.

Health is a journey that you need to pick up each and every day.  Health does not happen from one nutrient-dense and nutritious meal nor one workout at the gym.  Health is about consistent actions that we do over time.  It is about changing habits that aren’t serving you into habits that do serve you.

Each year I write out 100 outcomes in 10 specific areas of my life.  While this may sound overwhelming, it is actually 10 big outcomes in each of these 10 areas.  Under each of the 10 categories are 9 smaller outcomes that will take me on the journey to achieving these 10 bigger outcomes.  For example, in my Health/Wellness/Fitness category, I am working toward my next fitness competition which is Oct 27, 2018.  With this big outcome in mind, I then set up 9 smaller outcomes that will lead me on the path to achieving this outcome.

  1. Visit my local farmer’s market and supplement with grocery store food to ensure that I have the food required for my eating plan each week.
  2. Meal prep each Sunday to ensure I have the food prepared that I require to eat each day of the upcoming week.
  3. Eat and enjoy only the food and meals that are prescribed by my coach.
  4. Plan my treat meal each week to ensure that I eat within the requirements of a treat meal.
  5. Drink 3-4 L of water per day to ensure that my body is properly hydrated.
  6. Perform my workouts as prescribed by my coach at my scheduled daily workout time.
  7. Rest on my workout rest days.
  8. Perform my daily stretching and foam rolling activities to ensure my body stays flexible and to work out soreness from my muscles.
  9. Ensure that I get 7-8 hours of sleep each night by going to bed at my regular bed time and waking at my regular workout time.


As you can see, the idea is to come up with regular activities that you will need to perform to achieve your desired outcome.  Also, I prefer to call them outcomes as opposed to goals.  It feels more action oriented for me and reminds me that these are things that I need to DO to achieve my outcome!  The other reason that I prefer this approach is because it sets me up to make lifestyle changes.  That is what we’re looking for!  It also allows me to check off the smaller behaviour steps so that I can celebrate along the journey to my bigger outcome.

Notice that I have a treat meal each week that I am allowed to eat, even while training for a fitness competition.  The reality is that we need to find ways to live on a regular and consistent basis.  This is how to live a healthy lifestyle so that we stop the yo-yo dieting.  Part of a healthy lifestyle is having treats and having rest days.

As part of my daily eating program, I consume two protein shakes to ensure that my body gets the nutrients that it needs to be able to perform the way it is meant to.  The food in the grocery store just doesn’t contain all the nutrients that it used to due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Soil depletion (if the nutrient isn’t in the soil, it cannot get into the plant and/or animal)
  • Early picking (the longer the food is on the vine, the more nutrients it can obtain from the soil)
  • Long travel times (the longer the food is off the vine, the more nutrients it loses)
  • Pesticide use (pesticides destroy the beneficial organisms in the soil which add back nutrients)
  • Modern farming practices (crops are not rotated as they are meant to be to ensure soil health and replenish the nutrients that the previous year’s crop used up)

I also believe that everyone needs to nutritional cleanse.  Nutritional cleansing floods your body with nutrients that support your body to perform its natural cleansing functions as opposed to fasting where your body does not get any nutrients to support it.  We eat toxins, we drink toxins, and we breathe toxins every day.  There are new chemicals created each day.  Our bodies cannot handle the number of toxins that they are exposed to nowadays.  It is imperative that we support our bodies through this process.

The great thing about nutritional cleansing is that it also helps us to release stored fat, especially the fat called visceral fat which is stored around our internal organs.  Visceral fat is the dangerous fat which leads to heart attacks and other health issues.  The reason that our bodies hold on to fat is because this is where it stores the toxins that it cannot get rid of by itself.  This protects our organs from these toxins.  By assisting our body to release toxins, it then feels safe to release the stored fat.  Now that’s a win/win!

The 30-day system from Isagenix contains the meal replacement protein shakes that I recommend.  These protein shakes help ensure that we are getting the nutrients that our bodies need as well as the protein that many people are deficient in.  The 30-day system also contains a nutritional cleansing drink which supports our bodies through the process of releasing stored toxins.  Finally, the 30-day system contains an adaptogenic tonic which contains herbs that help the body to manage the daily stress that we encounter.

If you enjoyed this information, have questions, or would like to walk on a journey of finding your path for healing, contact me at 613-540-4515 or  I’d love to assist you in creating a lifestyle that works for you, one that allows you to live optimally by celebrating your body each day through exercise that you enjoy and eating foods that flood your body with nutrients that also taste great too!