How does Gratitude Affect Your Health?

This month our focus is on Gratitude ☺ Our mind is very powerful, more powerful than we even realize. Our mental focus affects more than we realize, including our health.

Understanding how physical stresses affect our bodies is usually easy. You fell or were hurt, or you have repetitive job. The effect of chemical and emotional stress may be a bit harder to grasp. How can an argument or the excitement of a new home affect your overall health?

From a chiropractic perspective, subluxations or misalignments of the spine are caused by 3 main things….stress, stress and stress. More specifically Physical, Chemical and Emotional stress. This stress comes from husbands, wives, partners, kids, family, money jobs, basically – life.

Today, more than ever, we are hearing about the effect that emotional stress can have on the body. People understand the link between emotional stress and ulcers, heart disease and headaches and tension in our muscles and joints. Similarly, emotional stress can result in spinal misalignment (subluxation) along with the severe nerve impact those misalignments can make.

You will probably not “feel” the subluxation as pain is the bodies last way to tell you something is not right. You may, however, notice other symptoms. Headaches, lack of focus, inability to sleep, nausea, etc. Stress will go to YOUR weak link, so if you get heartburn, you may notice you suffer more with it during stressful times.

In our office, we have a screening system that will show us exactly how well your body is adapting to stress and what kind of reserves you have for the future. The Insight scan is a 3 part scan that uses space technology to check the function of your nervous system, which is the master computer of your body. Controlling and affecting EVERY CELL!
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