Water, otherwise known as H2O … did you know that we are made up mostly of water? Research tells us that the heart and brain are about 73% water, the lungs are about 83% water, the skin is about 64% water, and the muscles and kidneys are about 79% water. Even the bones contain some water of up to 31%!

Water is an important part of the body and serves a number of functions including:

  • being the first nutrient and building material of every cell,
  • regulating our internal temperature through sweating and breathing,
  • transporting nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein with in it via the blood,
  • flushing waste through urine,
  • acting as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord,
  • forming saliva,
  • lubricating joints, and
  • helping the digestion process

to name a few important ones. When we look at this list, we can see that our body really does need water and lots of it.

With our body losing water each day through normal bodily functions such as sweating, crying, breathing, urinating, etc., it is important that we replenish this water. While water can come in through the foods we eat, it is also important to consume lots of clean, pure water. Adding a bit of lemon or chopped fruit or vegetables such as cucumbers can add a nice flavour to your water and encourage you to drink it. A few tips to help you get in your daily water include:

  • calculating your required glasses of water and then getting a refillable water bottle. On the water bottle place the number of elastics that constitutes your required glasses of water each day. As you empty and fill your water bottle, remove an elastic. When the elastics are all gone, you have consumed your needed water!
  • purchasing a large container of water and bringing it to work with you. When the bottle is gone, you have drank your water for the day!
  • adding ice to your water in the summer time makes it more enjoyable to drink for most people.
  • drinking it warm like a tea can be especially soothing and relaxing in the evening.

Another way to ensure that your body stays hydrated is to add Amped Hydrate to your water. It tastes great, adds great nutrients such as B and C vitamins, and also helps to ensure that your electrolytes are in balance. If you’re an athlete, whether that is a serios athlete, a weekend warrior, or you just exercise for health, Amped Hydrate also assists your body in recovering from your workouts so you can get back at them more quickly and it also aids with your performance by delivering optimal levels of carbohydrates to your hard working muscles!

A great way to check if you are hydrated is to check the colour of your urine. Here’s a chart that shows you the levels of hydration based on the colour.

As a guideline, the amount of water that a person needs to consume each day is half of their body weight (in lbs) in ounces of water. For easy math, let’s use a 160 lb person.

160 lbs / 2 = 80 ounces
80 ounces / 8 ounce glass = 10 glasses

10 glasses / 4 = 2.5 litres of water per dayWhen you initially begin to consume more water, you will notice that you are taking more trips to the bathroom. This will subside as your body adjusts to the increased water. I highly recommend drinking your water up to dinner time and then only having sips as needed after dinner so that you aren’t up all night going to the bathroom!

When you are properly hydrated, water also helps to protect your spinal cord and acts as lubricant and cushion for your joints. This means that your adjustments will hold better and longer! Although we all love Dr. Dodie, this means less trips in for an adjustment!

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