Cleansing versus Fasting

Have you heard about nutritional cleansing, also known as intermittent fasting?  Have you wondered what the difference between nutritional cleansing or just cleansing for short and fasting is?  This article will explain the differences and the benefits of nutritional cleansing as well as why I believe that everyone needs to nutritionally cleanse!

Nutritional cleansing is when you give your digestive tract a break from digesting food.  You consume a specific series of products over the course of the day which support the body’s natural detoxing ability.

The first product is a cleanse drink which contains natural ingredients including herbs and anti-oxidant rich botanicals.  These ingredients help to nourish the body’s detoxification systems as well as help to support metabolism and eliminate stubborn body fat, particularly the visceral fat.  Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds your organs, can’t be seen, and is very deadly!

The next product that you consume on a cleanse day is a tonic that contains adaptogenic herbs which help to support the body against the negative effects of stress.  This tonic helps balance and normalize body systems, energizes cells to support faster post-exercise recovery, and also supports mental clarity and focus.

The last product that one enjoys on a cleanse day is chewable wafers which contain the perfect balance of nutrients to help curb your appetite.

By consuming these products over the course of the day, your body is flooded with nutrients which support the body’s own natural detoxing functions.  This is a cellular level cleanse and does not have the person rushing to the toilet all day.  With increased water consumption that a person should have to assist in flushing the released toxins, a person may, however, urinate a little more.  Cleansing is done for a maximum of two days to ensure maximum fat burning.  After this time period, the body begins to use muscle and bone for sustenance which is not what we want!

Alternatively, fasting, generally, is when nothing except water is consumed.

I believe that everyone needs to cleanse for various reasons.  One of the main reasons is to keep the body cleared out of toxins.  The sad reality nowadays is that we eat toxins, we breathe toxins, and we drink toxins.  They are all around us and new chemicals are created every day.  While our bodies are meant to eliminate these toxins on their own, they are just not able to keep up with the level of toxins that we are exposed to anymore.

I know for me I feel light, lean, and full of energy after I have cleansed.  This is especially true after I do a deep, two-day, cleanse.

Up to a two-day cleanse is safe for most people to do.  Those who have medical conditions need to consult their doctor to be sure that they can cleanse.  First, they want to be sure that the herbs and botanicals will not interact with any medications they may be taking.  Next, they want to be sure that the length of time is safe.  For example, diabetics can usually do a one-day cleanse whereas a two-day may not be recommended for them.  With the increased insulin sensitivity that intermittent fasting creates, short cleansing periods may be beneficial for diabetics as well as other individuals.

Some of the other benefits of nutritional cleansing include:

  • Resetting calorie intake so that regular cleansers often consume up to 20% less calories on regular food intake days
  • Encourages adherence to a lifestyle change as opposed to a fad diet and yo-yo dieting
  • Maintains muscle mass with short periods of intermittent fasting
  • Keeps weight off for good because muscle mass is maintained and muscle uses lots of calories to be maintained

Did you know that you already do a form of intermittent fasting each and every night while you sleep?  Each morning when you consume your breakfast, you are breaking your fast from the night before.  Nutritional cleansing is merely extending this intermittent fast to a longer period of time.

If you have enjoyed this information or have other questions regarding nutritional cleansing, otherwise known as intermittent fasting, please contact me at or 613-540-4515.  Thanks for reading and happy cleansing!