Chemical Stress and Your Health

Chemical stress is a factor in your health that you may or not be aware of.  This stress comes in many forms.  Preservatives and chemicals in our foods and drinks, products at home like laundry soap, cleaning supplies, deodorant and hairspray. Chemicals in our body can affect many systems including our nervous system, the master control of our entire body.

The causes of a chemical imbalance in the body is sufficient to cause subluxation. If we were aware of all the chemicals that we place into our bodies, in the water we drink and the food we eat, it would frighten us.  The body has the ability to deal with many of these chemicals, but if sufficient chemical stressors are taken in, even the body’s filtering mechanism can be overcome.

How do you know you have chemical stressors?  One way is pain symptoms, fatigue, poor sleep, headaches.   Remember that pain is the last way your body tells you something is wrong.

It is an accepted fact that a chemical can affect the tone of a muscle.  The alignment of the spinal bones is dependent upon the overall muscle tone.  Lack of calcium, for example, can cause muscle spasm.  A build-up of lactic acid (a by-product of muscle exertion) can cause cramps, which athletes sometimes experience.  Drugs can also affect muscle tone.  The body has a delicately balanced chemistry.  Anything that upsets this chemistry such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, pollution, food hypersensitivities/allergies, etc. can irritate the nerve system causing abnormal functioning of the muscle fibers, upsetting muscle tone, and cause a subluxation.

Subluxations occur regularly and in everyone from birth until death.  We can and should make every effort to keep our spines free of subluxations.  We can do our best to avoid many things that could cause subluxations by common-sense living, but many will still occur regularly.

It is important that we have our spines checked regularly by our chiropractor in order to correct subluxations as soon as they occur.

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